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[Mixcloud collaboration mixes] Sounds By JB meets DJ Huas & Marius G.Mihalache

Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Bad Ass, Classical Mixes, Cruising, Dreamy, Dub Step Mixes, Eclectic Mixes, Empowering, Euphoria, Inspired, Sexy | 0 comments

Two DJ’s – One style – Two vibes! In the Mixcloud Collaboration series Dutch Sounds By JB partners with several DJ’s and musicians over the world to make unique collaboration mixes. Fifth episode: JB meets Marius G.Mihalache (Romania) Seventies, Eighties, Soundtrack, Synth-pop, World Marius G.Mihalache aka Michel is a Romanian artist working as musician and photographer for the past 15 years. From an early age he learned to love music and art in all its forms. This beautiful mix will be take you on a nostalgic tour, giving you samples of the music that inspired Michel and JB in our early years. Music that truly meant something, in a different way, in a different country, in a different time. Music that inspired them to get involved more with music, to write music.   Fourth episode: JB meets Huas (The...

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