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[Hip Hop Mix] TheFindMag – Stay Thirsty Episode 31 (Golden Era Special)

Posted by on May 6, 2012 in Coffee House, Cruising, Featured, Hip Hop Mixes, Mixes, Music | 0 comments

A very special hip hop mix from TheFindMag, this one is dedicated to one of my favorite parts of music history… 90’s hip hop. Got hooked on the first track, a brilliant piece of music layered with Nas’s lyrical brilliance. Mix Description: Yes yes people, we are getting back to the basics. This episode is dedicated entirely to that raw boom bap golden era sound from the 90s. Check the huge tracklist featuring legends like Nas, The Roots, GZA, Smif-n-Wessun and many others including some lesser known gems from cats like Bee Why and L’Roneous. This is the sound that inspired our favourite artists today and the vibes still bang just as hard as they did back then. So tune in and enjoy the sounds brothers and sisters. Stay Thirsty Episode 31 (Golden Era Special) by Thefindmag on Mixcloud Podcast:...

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[Hip Hop Mix] DJ pHiLLy/Trackside Burners: Digital-Crates Mixtape Vol. 1

Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 in Coffee House, Cruising, Featured, Hip Hop Mixes, Inspired, Mixes, Music | 0 comments

“Do you everyday” – A quote from the MC right at the start, brilliant quote about being yourself everyday… do what makes you happy. When I heard that I knew I was in for another incredible hip hop mix. So many inspirational, and knowledgeable lyrics in this one. It’s not all english either, so get ready for a massive variety of real hip hop tunes. I could write forever about this mix, but i’ll just let the music do the talking Mix Description: DJ pHiLLy presents Digital-Crates Mixtape Volume 1. First in a series of selections from my dusty record collection and select future school tracks. Kick back and headnod your way to some fresh boombap music from the crates. From old & new straight from the heart. Peace! Digital-Crates Mixtape Volume 1 by Dj Philly/Trackside Burners on Mixcloud...

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[Hip Hop Mix] The Find Mag: Stay Thirsty Episode 28

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Coffee House, Eclectic Mixes, Featured, Funk Mixes, Hip Hop Mixes, Inspired, Mixes, Music, Reggae Mixes, Soul Mixes | 0 comments

Hello good peoples of Thanks for dropping by. Today we have more refreshing and unique music for you. You could loosely categorise it as a hip hop dj mix/playlist, however, there’s a cosmopolitan of styles and flavors spread throughout this tasty 1 hour set. This one’s for those of you who are in the mood to chill in the sun, with a cup of coffee, to some truly unique and beautiful music. I especially love the message Kamir wrote in the mix description below, along with the brand new “tid bits” Kamil shares with us. I would totally dig hearing this at a coffee house in the city. Mix Description: Whattup family? Welcome to Episode 28 of our weekly radio show Stay Thirsty, airing on Blue Raccoon FM. This is the first episode to include a host, I...

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[Hip Hop Mix] Droppin’ Science – Droppin’ Science Show March 2012

Posted by on Mar 14, 2012 in Coffee House, Featured, Hip Hop Mixes, Inspired, Mixes, Music | 1 comment

I had never heard of the Droppin’ Science show before, but as soon as those two words dropped into my mind… I knew I would be in for one killer hip hop mix. I’m only half an hour into Droppin’ Science’s 2 hour hip hop mix, and im lovin it (unlike McDonalds). Their March show features a wide range of underground hip hop from names you may or may not know. But that’s not important, what is is that this hip hop is top quality and soothing. You really just have to listen to understand how great this mix is. Enjoy! Droppin’ Science Show March 2012 by Droppin’ Science on Mixcloud Podcast: Download Right Click & Save As) (Duration: 1:58:27 —...

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