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Classic Techno (Ultra Music Fest. & AERIAL7 DJ Comp)

Classic Techno (Ultra Music Fest. & AERIAL7 DJ Comp)
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Did you know that MixCloud has a new open competition? That is the Ultra Music Festival & AERIAL7 DJ Competition.

MarsNRG’s deciced to participate bringing some good old stuff, classic Techno, only 1992 and 1993. Techno was quite different during the 90s, there was the commercial version too, disguised as Eurodance (also called Eurohouse), and the underground Techno certainly had its lovers and supporters.

If you’re young enough and missed that, or if you are curious about what underground Techno was closer to its roots, the late 80s, check out this mix set: (Classic Techno)

30 minutes of a glorious time, with the following


01) Headshop – Xenomorph (1993)

02) Apotheosis – O Fortuna (Live Action Remix) (1992)

03) Ramirez – Orgasmico (1992)

04) CJ Bolland – Camargue (Original Mix) (1993)

05) Culture Beat – Serenity (Epilog) (1993)

06) CJ Boland – Mantra (1992)

The last song is spiritual, if you listen to it with volume to the max, the last 2 minutes may make you feel like your soul getting outside your body.

Also, there is a mini-Megamix as the intro, featuring some of the songs MarsNRG would like to play, but only 30 minutes were allowed, so it’s a taste of nostalgia.

The highest the number of plays, the closer participants will be to the prize. If you support MarsNRG by listening to his set, or even better, by giving it a Favorite on MixCloud if you have an account there, he’d be thankful.

If you like MarsNRG’s music, you can keep track of him here:


Twitter: @marsnrg

DJ Blog:

Comments are welcome, have a great time folks!

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