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[Drum n Bass Mix] Liquidjems: Liquidity 03

[Drum n Bass Mix] Liquidjems: Liquidity 03
  • SumoMe

In the mood for some chilled, smooth, liquid drum n bass? This is a must have for your collection then. Liquidjems’ first appearance on, is with her mix: Liquidity 03 is a 42 minute mix filled with some truly wonderful liquid drum n bass.

There are so many other words that come to mind when listening to Liquidity 03: Smooth, jazzy, funky, atmospheric, flows like water, relaxing, motivating. I can’t imagine better music to work to either.

Enjoy this fresh new mix, there’ll be plenty more to come, hand-picked from our sound garden.

About Liquidjems:

After spending several years mixing and having a huge passion for trance , dissatisfaction with the genre’s direction and a need to keep the excitement of discovery going lead me to rediscover DnB. Probably some obvious trance influence on my selections as i lean towards liquid, vocal and atmospheric tracks, but as with trance its really about progressing a mix and for that anything goes.

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