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[Featured Tune] Brioni Faith – In The Dark

[Featured Tune] Brioni Faith – In The Dark
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Our last featured tune of the year… going out to all those who are feeling alone in this supposedly merry time.

Let Brioni guide you through your darkness, and to the light of the new year with her brand new tune “In The Dark”. We love you all, you’re not alone…

In the Dark will be featured in this weeks Christmas/End of Year Mix from Quade77 and Cascadia records… Now here’s Brioni:

Brioni Faith tells the story of ‘In The Dark.’

The strange thing was… the day before I wrote it, I had this feeing that a song
was “about to come through…”
and the next morning, I woke up feeling as if I had lost everything in my life.

There was a deep sense of sadness and feeling of “aloneness” that was quite unlike
anything I’d felt before.
I’d recently come out of a long term relationship and was still pretty new to being
on my own.

As I lay there, immersed in this feeling, tears running down my face… there was a
stronger feeling underneath it which seemed to rise to the surface.

It was as if a voice from deep within me, was speaking to me.
Telling me that I was not alone, that I could never be alone.

I believe that when we feel the most alone…. there is a greater part of ourselves
that we find.
Because in that space… there is nothing else.

There is beauty in the darkness. There is an inner light that shines.

Maybe we need the dark to see it…”

Thank you for sharing the beauty in the dark.

Brioni xx

Available through ITUNES

This is the BONUS TRACK off Brioni Faith’s latest EP ‘Down For You.’
‘In The Dark’ is a very trance-inspired track for Brioni, and will feature on her
upcoming album.

Distribution for Australia and New Zealand through Press Play Music. Rest of the
World distribution through CD Baby.

Copyright 2011 Get On Down Records and Publishing.

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