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[Featured Tune] Carlsën & Thunder feat. Brioni Faith: The Dream

[Featured Tune] Carlsën & Thunder feat. Brioni Faith: The Dream
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It’s been a long time coming, and now we are excited to finally celebrate the release of Brioni Faith’s new release with Carlsën & Thunder. The dream, and the video that goes along with it is an absolute masterpiece that every trance and dance fan out there should indulge their eyes and ears in.

As part of the release, we will be having a very special Trance Mix show dedicated to the dream, and everything it stands for. We can’t wait to share it with you :)

Carlsën & Thunder feat. Brioni Faith: The Dream

Buy The Dream on Juno:, on Band Camp –, or on iTunes:

Who ever let a little thing like not speaking the same language get in the way of writing music?

With the help of Google Translate; Polish producers Carlsën and Thunder have been collaborating with Gold Coast Artist Brioni Faith on their latest project. With lots of patience, and interesting translations thrown into the mix – these 3 have been able to work together to create an incredibly uplfting piece called “The Dream.”

“Its pretty amazing that in this digital age that we live in – you can work with people on the other side of the world, and you don’t even have to speak the same language,” says Brioni Faith.

“Straight away I loved their sound and thought, ‘Yes! I can work with this.’ It was only after the first few messages I discovered they didn’t speak English and were using Google translate! So they write to me in English and I write to them in Polish. Its hilarious.”

Brioni Faith is a singer-songwriter and vocal trance artist born in New Zealand, now living on the Gold Coast. Brioni has had a number of releases throughout 2011, both in English and in French, in preparation for the release of her solo album. Her sound is all about big atmosphere, thumping beats, and smooth soaring vocals. Having listened to some of her work, Carlsën and Thunder approached Brioni to see if she would like to write some vocals for their latest track.

“I was really inspired by the track and once the vocals were in place, we all felt that we were onto something.” says Brioni.

Dariusz Waniek a.k.a. Thunder was greatly infuenced by electronic music from a very early age, and at 16 years old, he knew he wanted to be a DJ. He went from playing at the Apollo Club, Proxima and Mega Biba in Rybnik to being part Owner of his own club. After many years spent in loud clubs, Thunder began to develop hearing problems, and following medical advice, he retired from DJ’ing to focus on music production instead.

Rafaël Carlsën is a DJ, Producer and Remixer from Poland whose style is progressive and uplifting trance. Carlsën began his musical career in 2008. After studying under the watchful eye of Producer Martin Libsen, in 2011 Carlsën began releasing his own series of podcasts called ‘Sounds of Sunrise.’ In 2012 he joined forces with DJ Thunder to create the collaboration “Carlsën & Thunder.”

‘The Dream’ is about love and inspiration; and how we literally “shine” when our hearts are open.

Buy The Dream on Juno:, on Band Camp –, or on iTunes:

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