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[Featured Tune] Roll pan Cake feat. usamimi – We Must Say No (Pan cake Mix)

[Featured Tune] Roll pan Cake feat. usamimi – We Must Say No (Pan cake Mix)
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Hello #TranceMix friends and family!

This week we have another installment of our “Featured Tune” section. This one comes all the way from Japan.

We Must Say No is about saying no to Nuclear energy, due to its devastating affects as Japan knows oh too well. It’s a feel good trance tune that will have you randomly whispering “We Must Say No” and remembering that adorable voice, reminding us of the results of Nuclear energy and weapons.

Being from New Zealand, a nuclear free country, im a big advocate of saying no to nuclear. However, to have the world we want, we must say yes to energy that we do want. I’m not just talking about solar, wind and hydro, because they sure aren’t perfect. There are a lot of new technologies out there that would absolutely blow you away.

There are new energy technologies that allow you to get more than what you put in… more proof that the idea of limited resources is a false idea that we are lead to believe in from a young age. Here’s just one example of such technology, from a reputable source as well: “If you charge at low voltage in freshwater, then discharge at high voltage in sea water, that means you gain energy. You get more energy than you put in.”

About T2-Tunes:

“T2-TUNES” is the production team of dance music, consisting of “Roll pan Cake” & “Tak_M”. We are working in a broad number of fields, composing, producing, mixing dance sounds, and playing DJ & VJ.
The original sound of “T2-TUNES”, is beautiful, filled with sadness, and sometimes aggressive grooves that fill the dance floor with joy and excitement.

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Roll pan Cake:

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Although it’s not trance, here’s another beautiful tune that i’m sure you will appreciate and enjoy:

So, enjoy this music. Enjoy this beautiful, infinite world, and the ever infinite universe in which we are embedded… I leave you a clip from my favorite movie of all time: K-PAX:

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