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[PsyTrance Mix] Tommy Urbanski: BeatDay

[PsyTrance Mix] Tommy Urbanski: BeatDay
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After almost a year, Tommy is back with one of his best Progressive PsyTrance mixes yet. It even features one of his own productions! Be sure to keep an eye out for that.

When you listen to Tommy’s BeatDay mix, you will experience his very unique, progressive psytrance sound that has got me and people all over the world hooked on his mixes. Tommy puts an emphasis on quality over quantity, evident in the mixes, and productions he puts out.

Tommy’s mix is called BeatDay because it is his birthday on May the 9th, happy birthday Tommy!

Voice intro by Brioni Faith:, sound bites by Tara Smith:, production by Stamm:

About Tommy Urbanski:

I am originally from Poland,Came to London for the first time in Jan ’99 to get some records to my then growing collection.

I got stuck in London until October 2001 when I went back to Poland and started DJ’ing for living. All around Poland and western Europe. I did that under a different DJ name I decided to leave for London again in 2004 and I have been living here since.

I had a few gigs in London but then I took a few years break caused by the hectic rat race style of living in the big city.

In December 2009 I have started to be creative again.I came across tranceMix then & decided to give it a try with my District9 mix, which had 2916 downloads since.

Ben and TranceMix have influenced and motivated me the most.

Tommy Urbanski on the web:




Video Preview:

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You can listen to this episode broadcasted live from Brasil at 12am ( GMT-3 ) on Thursday the 10th of May at and live from New Zealand at 9am GMT (10pm New Zealand time) on Monday the 14th of May at (scroll down for the podcast download link).

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Time bandits – Police Radio Intro
Monolock – Sound Delight
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Funk Truck – Disarming
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Elegy – Circles
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Sensifeel – World of fantasy
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Lish – Fresh
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Sunstryk – Ascending Soul
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Eegy – Infinite Space
Sphera – Self Distruction
Funk Truck – Live the Moment
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Bash – Ever
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Double Click – Pinball
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Liquid Space – Offrider
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Rocky and Ace Ventura – Serotonin Overdose
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Zyce – Gates
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
G25 – Ultimatum
Infinity – Alcoholism
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Nok and Double Click – The Voice
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
Time in Motion – Audio Gigolo
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 

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