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[PsyTrance Mix] Tude: 145 Psychedelic Beats Per Minute

[PsyTrance Mix] Tude: 145 Psychedelic Beats Per Minute
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Tude is back! A veteran, and Brasilian psyTrance DJ extraordinaire, Tude returns with 1 hour of FULL-ON psyTrance. Just listen to the intro and you know you’re in store for a killer psyTrance show.

In other news, our brand new distribution label “DJM Distribution” is now live: We’ll be rolling out some great trance music releases there very soon, the distribution label will also include music from a variety of genres in the near future.

So, escape your mind, experience life, close your eyes and listen to Tude’s psychedelic new mix.

Voice intro by Brioni Faith:, sound bites by Tara Smith:, production by Stamm: Marketing and promotion by

About Tude:

Directly from Rio de Janeiro, DJ TUDE is here to rock the house with another bombastic psytrance mix that will spin your mind and elevate you soul

Tude on the web:



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You can listen to this episode broadcasted live from Brasil at 12am ( GMT-3 ) on Thursday the 31st of May at and live from New Zealand at 9am GMT (10pm New Zealand time) on Monday the 4th of June at (scroll down for the podcast download link).

You can also listen to this mix on our Mixcloud:, or you can listen and download on our Soundcloud:, or on our brand new Official.FM page: And lastly, you can find this mix posted on and


What is the perfect speed for your heart beat? Listen to this mix and find it out at 145 psychedelic beats per minute!

1. Altruism – Sunshine
2. M Theory – Answer Me (Mental Broadcast & Xpiral mix)
3. 2012 – The True
4. Disco Hooligans – Mad As Hell
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
5. Earthling & Chameleon – Ultranova
6. Burn In Noise – The Source
7. Earthling – Tranquility Bass
8. Paul Taylor – Turnover feat Andy Mason (Aphid Moon rmx)
9. Ital – New Year
10. Paul Taylor – Inspiration
11. Patchbay & Space Vision – Coffe Accident
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 
12. Tristan – Cosmic Spiral
Buy at Juno Download (Mp3/WAV) 

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