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The following PDF shows all downloads since we started hosting the podcast/radio show. These downloads come from various sources such as our website, email and rss, tumblr, podomatic, and iTunes. Files named “download.mp3” are hosted on Soundcloud, but the stats do not take into account downloads from Soundcloud. Downloads and plays via Mixcloud, Soundcloud,, Pure DJ Brasil Webcast, and Fevah FM web/broadcast are not included in the stats.

Click here Podcast Stastics for (.PDF) [Last updated on December the 18th of 2011] – Please ignore the summary in the PDF, it says that runs a daily podcast. That is incorrect, runs a weekly podcast. Everything else is correct though =) Website Stats provided by AWStats:

The following images show various statistics taken from our back-end stats software “AWStats”. 206 Partial Content Hits are a measurement of downloads that did not fully complete.

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