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The Community Project [Update 3]

Posted by on Jan 4, 2012 in Featured, News | 0 comments

This update is MASSIVE and includes updates to’s website and forum. 1. New “ShareBar” on the left hand side of posts and pages, so that everyone can easily share what they like through their favorite social sites. Also, you can e-mail your favorite content to your friends and family through this new feature. 2. Sharing is Sexy! There’s a new feature at the top and bottom of each piece of content on, its similar to the share bar, but it contains another button that allows you to print the content you like, or save it as a PDF for reading on your computer, smart phone, or tablet computer. 3. New chat bar at the bottom of the page. Through this chat bar you can now see how many other people are online and where they’re from....

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The Community Project [Update 2]

Posted by on Nov 28, 2011 in Featured, News | 0 comments

You’ll notice that in the previous update, the link to the community doesnt work anymore, thats because we’ve moved the project to: We’re using a completely new piece of software that was only released in March 2011, we’re all very impressed with it, you can go see for yourself just how swanky it is and lets not forget how quick and easy it is to use as well. We’ve integrated the forum with facebook so within just a couple of clicks you can be a part of the community, no hassles. We’ve also built a few forums, some forums contain a plethora of cool stuff from our websites and other websites that we think are the best in the DJ culture, all posts in those forums are made by our rather odd forum Robot: Postomoto 5000. There’s still...

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The Community Project [Update 1]

Posted by on Nov 18, 2011 in Featured, News | 0 comments

It’s been exactly 1 year since we first came up with the idea to build a brand new community here for all our fans, customers, and partners from all over the place. The project that was started last year was put on hiatus as the timing was just off for what we were planning. So one year later, we realised again how important, and how fun it is to have your own community. You can see our work on the Community Project here:¬† Here’s a list of the tasks we have done so far: Install xperience, a program that rewards you and other members for your activity on the forum and the blogs. Integrated with Facebook – You can now sign into the community with your Facebook account by a quick and easy 2 step process. Changed the layout...

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