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[Eclectic Mix] Kensaye: Original Classics

Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in Classical Mixes, Eclectic Mixes, Featured, Hip Hop Mixes, Mixes, Music, Soul Mixes | 0 comments

This mix is like nothing i’ve ever heard before. It begins with a couple of classical theatrical pieces. The first piece will remind many of you out there of Pharoah Monch’s “Simon Says”. Then it moves on to an eclectic selection of classic tunes to move your soul. Have a great day with this new guest mix by London-based producer, rapper & radio-host Kensaye. A true selection full of originals to dig for samples! Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, The Temptations, Nina Simone… up to you to link them to the matching hip hop songs. Kensaye: “I’m a producer who often digs for samples, so It’s always interesting to discover what was the original track of some of my favourite Hip Hop tunes, and what helped create that classic. Here are a few examples, let’s see if you can associate...

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[Hip Hop Mix] DJ Philly/Trackside Burners: Digital Crates Mixtape Volume 2

Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Cruising, Dreamy, Empowering, Featured, Hip Hop Mixes, Inspired, Mixes, Music, Uplifting | 0 comments

As soon as I heard this, I could not wait to share it! It is such a dreamy mix of hip hop, perfect for those of you who are now enjoying summer. Winter just started here, so it’s a good escape I really enjoyed Ms Tempz’ version of LOX’s classic hip hop tune “Recognise”, it’s nothing but the truth. Mix Description: DJ pHiLLy presents Digital-Crates Mixtape Volume 2. Second in a series of selections from my dusty record collection and select future school tracks. Kick back and headnod your way to some fresh boom bap music from the crates. From old & new straight from the heart. Peace! …With the release of Kill The Noise (Crusada, Steady & Efeks) – ‘Kill The Noise EP’ (BBP16) we start with a boom bap banger! Grab the FREE EP at Digital-Crates Mixtape...

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[Soulful Hip Hop Mix] The Find Mag – Stay Thirsty Episode 35

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in Coffee House, Cruising, Dreamy, Eclectic Mixes, Empowering, Featured, Funk Mixes, Hip Hop Mixes, Inspired, Jazz Mixes, Mixes, Music, Reggae Mixes, Singing, Soul Mixes | 0 comments

Source: I’m always hanging out for new “Stay Thirsty” episodes, every single episode is new and refreshing. From dramatic, to chill hip hop, to smooth jazz and soul… it really is an eclectic collection of hip hop, jazz and soul. It even includes some Lemon Jelly! An old favorite of mine from back in my high school days. Stay Thirsty 35 is definitely food for the soul, nothing but incredible… Mix Description: Following a similar style to the episode 33, this new episode really jumps around through many genres throughout its hour long duration. Getting things started is the best rapper in the universe, Dylan, talking about how he spits hot fire. Then we dig through a bunch of really great hip hop by artists like Incise, AGQ, Katalyst and more with some funky stuff coming from The...

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[Hip Hop Track] Riff Raff feat. Action Bronson – Bird on a Wire (Lyrics)

Posted by on Mar 26, 2012 in Dreamy, Featured, Hip Hop Singles, Inspired, Music, Singles, Videos | 0 comments

Dreamy, atmospheric hip hop. There’s a reason this has been viewed over 300,000 times on Youtube in a month… it was featured in a mix from Droppin’ Science that we recently featured: Turn it up real loud! Lyrics: [Hook] Smoke some, bitch! Blow a kiss to my dick, Wash my body with the sponge Feed me flavor rices, put the chronic in my lungs Telling me you let the… or some jodesy shit B…coastin we’re both about to be rich! [Verse 1: Action Bronson] Lead a party with your daughter In the morning do karate in the water He sounds… don’t fuck with… A bunch of winners, catering lunch and dinner While my … looks so empty Drop a hook, and I’ll probably… an entry Long nights, that’s a new event Somebody tried to get me to Heaven,...

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[Hip Hop Mix] The Find Mag: Stay Thirsty Episode 28

Posted by on Mar 16, 2012 in Coffee House, Eclectic Mixes, Featured, Funk Mixes, Hip Hop Mixes, Inspired, Mixes, Music, Reggae Mixes, Soul Mixes | 0 comments

Hello good peoples of Thanks for dropping by. Today we have more refreshing and unique music for you. You could loosely categorise it as a hip hop dj mix/playlist, however, there’s a cosmopolitan of styles and flavors spread throughout this tasty 1 hour set. This one’s for those of you who are in the mood to chill in the sun, with a cup of coffee, to some truly unique and beautiful music. I especially love the message Kamir wrote in the mix description below, along with the brand new “tid bits” Kamil shares with us. I would totally dig hearing this at a coffee house in the city. Mix Description: Whattup family? Welcome to Episode 28 of our weekly radio show Stay Thirsty, airing on Blue Raccoon FM. This is the first episode to include a host, I...

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