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Terms of Service:

Guaranteed listens may take up to 90 days to be delivered.

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Mix Feature/Submission:

Mix Safe Tunes:

We work with copyright owners to help protect their rights, us as a distributor/promoter, and you as a DJ. We created a continually growing list of copyright owners who have given permission for their music in mixes submitted to us here:

The Law:

A. Anyone who submits a mix to warrants that they have obtained the tracks they are using legally and have obtained the permission of the original copyright owners for all the tracks that are part of the mix.

B. If the person who submits a mix to breaches any of the warranties under the terms and conditions, have the right to:

i. take down said person’s mix and;

ii. pursue legal action against them to recover any loss that stems from their breach.

The Reality:

It seems that there is an unwritten rule, that using music in mix sets is ok if:

  1. Credit is given where credit is due i.e. all tracks are labelled correctly, don’t pass off someone else’s piece of work as your own.
  2. Purchasing of tracks within the mix is actively promoted and enabled i.e. purchase links are displayed and listeners are encouraged to purchase the tracks they like.

Please just ask copyright holders such as labels for permission to use work owned by them. More often than not, you would probably find that labels are more than willing to have their tracks featured in your mix, as long as credit is given. A lot of labels, especially in the forward thinking non-mainstream area, realize how useful mixes can be for promoting labels, artists, and their music. So I repeat, please do not be afraid to just ask labels and artists for permission, they will most likely appreciate the thought and effort of you asking :)

Our Position: is currently working hard to, and always will work hard to go above and beyond to work within the law. We ( also strive to work in the most ethical of manors.  We also have the utmost respect for the rights of all copyright holders. If any artists or copyright holders would prefer us to remove any of these mixes, please contact us and we will remove the applicable mix or mixes without any questions. We also do not condone piracy, please support the artists found in mix sets/podcasts featured on by purchasing their music. The more you support your favorite artists music, the more they may please you by producing more and more of that music you love so much :)

Refund Policy:

Featured Mix – We believe that you should get what you pay for. Therefore, if we can’t deliver all of the listens you ordered, we will simply refund the equivalent dollar value of the undelivered listens. Also, if we see the content you send to us as unacceptable for and, then we will give you a full refund and tell you why it is unacceptable. Please do not continuously send us unacceptable content though, as it may result in a ban from our services.

All other services – If the content that is submitted to us is deemed to be unacceptable, we will notify the customer of interest of the fact and give a full refund of the purchase price. If any customer continuously submits us unacceptable content, we reserve the right to ban them from the shop.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.:)