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The Community Project [Update 3]

The Community Project [Update 3]
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This update is MASSIVE and includes updates to’s website and forum.

1. New “ShareBar” on the left hand side of posts and pages, so that everyone can easily share what they like through their favorite social sites. Also, you can e-mail your favorite content to your friends and family through this new feature.

2. Sharing is Sexy! There’s a new feature at the top and bottom of each piece of content on, its similar to the share bar, but it contains another button that allows you to print the content you like, or save it as a PDF for reading on your computer, smart phone, or tablet computer.

3. New chat bar at the bottom of the page. Through this chat bar you can now see how many other people are online and where they’re from. You can also translate into 12 different languages. But wait… there’s more! :p You can also use this chat bar to share your favorite content from Then, on the right side of the chat bar, you can check out and subscribe to our rss feed; youtube videos; facebook and twitter. You can also chat with other folk by logging into the chat box with either: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or Yahoo!

4.  We have been adding a whole lot of fresh and talented authors to our project to help give the DJ music community we love so much, more of what it wants.

5. Video Chat – If you have a Google+ account, you can now log into our Google Hangout: There you can video chat with others… muck around… or collaborate on all sorts of things… it’s really quite amazing.

6. Get the latest goodness delivered directly to you. All you have to do is subscribe here: (you can also see how many others are subscribed there too).

7. Become a Trader – You can now build a reputation, similar to how you would on eBay, through buying and selling goods and services on the forum: You can buy or sell products and services in the “Market Place”:

8. Member Map – See how many members live near you, and make your mark on the forum map found here: Great for meeting up with like-minded people who may want to go to an event with you.

9. Promote yourself! This part is still under construction. When it’s complete, you will be able to upgrade your membership to a paid membership that best suits your needs. This will be a great, no-fuss way, of marketing yourself:

10. When ever you start a new thread on the forum, you will have the option to either “Pay to Pin” or “Pay to Bump”. If you “Pay to Pin” your thread will be pinned at the top of the forum you started the thread in, for as long as you want (measured in weeks). If you “Pay to Bump” your thread will be bumped up to the top of the forum you started that thread in.

11. You can check out our latest Tweets via the fancy little tweet button on the left hand side of the forum.

12. Moods – In the forum, you can change your mood to suit you. You will see these moods in action just by looking around in the forum as active members usually love to show off their moods.

13. Media – Got some videos, mixes, or music you want to share? Well! You can embed them easily on our forum when you’re creating your thread or message. The following image shows which media sites are currently compatible, more are to come as time goes by:

14. Mobile functionality – You can now use the forum on your Smart Phone and Tablet by using the Tapatalk app. We still need to add mobile functionality to the main website, which will be done soon as we have already done such a thing for (check it out on your mobile device, it morphs into an app, pretty cool!)

15. Reputation + Tagging. You can now give and be given reputation to help give forum members the recognition that they truly deserve. Also, you can tag people in your message simply by adding the @ symbol before their membership name.

I think that’s it for now! Plenty more to come I tell ya, thanks for visiting and subscribing.

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