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[Hip Hop Mix] The Find Mag: Stay Thirsty Episode 28

[Hip Hop Mix] The Find Mag: Stay Thirsty Episode 28
  • SumoMe

Hello good peoples of Thanks for dropping by.

Today we have more refreshing and unique music for you. You could loosely categorise it as a hip hop dj mix/playlist, however, there’s a cosmopolitan of styles and flavors spread throughout this tasty 1 hour set.

This one’s for those of you who are in the mood to chill in the sun, with a cup of coffee, to some truly unique and beautiful music. I especially love the message Kamir wrote in the mix description below, along with the brand new “tid bits” Kamil shares with us. I would totally dig hearing this at a coffee house in the city.

Mix Description:

Whattup family? Welcome to Episode 28 of our weekly radio show Stay Thirsty, airing on Blue Raccoon FM. This is the first episode to include a host, I come in a few times throughout the show to talk a bit about the music and also to introduce some facts or ideas. With a voice, this show takes on another added goal, which is to encourage not only Staying Thirsty for good music, but also Staying Thirsty for knowledge, learning, and ideas.

I hope you enjoy the show and let us know what you think of the new format.



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