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[Soulful Hip Hop Mix] The Find Mag – Stay Thirsty Episode 35

[Soulful Hip Hop Mix] The Find Mag – Stay Thirsty Episode 35
  • SumoMe


I’m always hanging out for new “Stay Thirsty” episodes, every single episode is new and refreshing. From dramatic, to chill hip hop, to smooth jazz and soul… it really is an eclectic collection of hip hop, jazz and soul. It even includes some Lemon Jelly! An old favorite of mine from back in my high school days.

Stay Thirsty 35 is definitely food for the soul, nothing but incredible…

Mix Description: Following a similar style to the episode 33, this new episode really jumps around through many genres throughout its hour long duration. Getting things started is the best rapper in the universe, Dylan, talking about how he spits hot fire.

Then we dig through a bunch of really great hip hop by artists like Incise, AGQ, Katalyst and more with some funky stuff coming from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Darondo and then ending up with some more electronic stuff by Lemon Jelly, XXYYXX and Jimmy Flamante.

Hope you enjoy the show as we slide through Stay Thirsty’s 8th month of providing you with musical thirst quenching!

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