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Trance Artists To Look Out For In 2012

Trance Artists To Look Out For In 2012
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Here’s a short list of some people to look out for in 2012, or our last year of existence if you believe the Mayan’s! Some, if not all of the names listed, you may recognise for one reason or another.

The artists mentioned below aren’t necessarily new or upcoming, so it’s just a list of who you, the trance fan, will be more than likely hearing a lot of. So, after stirring the musical pot in 2011, these talented men will more than likely create a storm in 2012. This list is very uplifting orientated, but even if you’re not a huge fan of uplifting trance, don’t let that put you off checking these guys out!

So, in no particular order…


Matt Bukovski:

Piotr Bukowski aka Matt Bukovski, is a young Polish man with a mature musical head. Making trance in a faster, uplifting style in his own unique way, Matt has caught the eye of many DJs around the globe and to the delight of his ever growing fanbase, he has been included on great CDs such as ‘Mellomania 21’. The only way is up for Bukovski!


Bryan Kearney:

Although not new to the scene (in fact he’s been around for many years and is pretty famous, and anyone reading this will no doubt know of him!), you could argue that 2011 was one of Bryan Kearney’s biggest years in terms of both success and respect gained. Bryan produced ‘Stealth Bomber’ which is yet another track of his that made it to No.1 on Track It Down and also released his first mix CD; ‘Passion: The Album vol. 2’, mixing one of the discs alongside none-other than John ‘00’ Fleming! Expect more fantastic productions both from the man himself and on his label Kearnage, in 2012. Tech, progressing, uplifting, Bryan’s got it covered.


Mark Leanings:

Jamie Gilsenan, better know as Mark Leanings and still very new to the scene, hit the trance world like a speeding bullet from apparent obscurity with his popular tracks ‘Drop Shot’ and ‘Guilding Light’. With support from Sean Tyas, Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold and Bryan Kearney, to name but a few, Leanings is sure to be causing havoc throughout 2012.



In 2011 Sneijder [Andrew Liggett] released his ‘Onto Tomorrow/Facelift’ EP, which was unsurprisingly, very popular. Then there’s the huge remix he and John O’Callaghan did of Full Tilt’s ‘Surrender’. Sneijner is another artist breaking through with a mature, hard and uplifting sound, and having the backing of labels such as the world renowned Armada, plus Spinnin, Subculture and Vandit, Sneijder is going places. It’s advisable trance fans go to those same places!



Menno Meijer is the man behind the Aerian alias, and isn’t very well known, which given the quality of his music just isn’t right! He saw his track ‘Hindsight’ remixed by Darren Porter and it received the backing of Sean Tyas. If you haven’t heard it yet then go and listen to it now, then remember his name and keep an eye out for any releases of his this year.


Ahmed Romel:

If you’re a fan of those longer, classical breakdowns in nothing but pure uplifting trance, then Jordan born Ahmed Romel’s the man for you. His track ‘Only For You (Arctic Moon Remix)’ features on Armin van Buuren’s 2011 Year Mix, and his track ‘Amman’ will be featuring on the upcoming Blue Soho compilation ‘SOHOLAND’. It looks like he’ll be a busy man in 2012 and in case you somehow manage to miss any of his music, then he’s definitely worth checking on throughout the year.



There are of course, many, many more talented men and women out there making quality music, but not everyone could be listed. All the above opinions are mine.

Some information has been obtained from Discogs and Facebook

Please leave a comment below to direct me to any incorrect information that may be in this article and it will be rectified immediately.


  1. That’s a nice contribution to all of us, BarkingDagger. I myself do not dedicate myself to Trance only, so having reference of what is good checking out is amazing.

    The eloquence was fantastic, though with one small detail to outline, you write as if this web site was totally dedicated to Trance, with only Trance fans and DJs around, such as in “anyone reading this will no doubt know of him”. Trance and its artists aren’t as popular in some countries as it may be in others, there was only one name on the list familiar to me, and he was not one of the main ones you cited, John O’Callaghan.

    In Brazil, only Psy-Trance is dedicated attention to, we’re the #1 in the world, but only the ones who go frequently to raves know something about it, we lack radio stations here to advertise the Trance scene properly. I am on that advertisement through online radios here in Brazil, I’ll be one of the few pouring the big names slowly over here, and that’s why I find your list so great, it’s probably going to be a compliment to my track lists.

    Cheers from Brazil!

    • Hey,

      Thanks for the comment! I’m aware this isn’t a trance only website, but I will be writing about trance only. Anyone with the slightest interest in trance SHOULD know of Bryan Kearney, and my thinking behind what I said is, if someone doesn’t have the slightest interest in trance, then they won’t read my article! Just like I won’t be reading any on hip hop, house, ect.

      I hope that clears things up a little!

      • Hello BarkingDagger,

        I know you know this is not a Trance web site only, I don’t underestimate you, things have been clear :)

        I just wanted to say that things may not be as you think regarding the Trance scene and its knowledge related propagation in other countries. I guarantee to you my interest in Trance is beyond the slightest, but I had never heard of that guy. Besides the biggest names, I know O’Callaghan, Leon Bolier, Sebastian Brandt, Arctic Moon, W&W, Bart Claessen, etc., but never heard of Bryan Kearney.

        Besides the ineffective propagation, I like House, Hip Hop and etc., I have projects dedicated to 90s music covering different genres, sometimes reaching the 80s, and Trance to me is amazing, but is just one of my source of thrills, thus Bryan may have come unnoticed somewhere in the middle of all this.

        If you say the ones interested in Trance should know of Bryan Kearney, thanks, this is a great piece of information, as well as your whole valuable list, this is useful to me for my future sets.

        I just wanted to point out a small detail in the middle of all remaining great things because if I didn’t know him, there could be more people on the same boat, fond of Trance, but lovers of other genres too.

        Thank you too, I’ll search for Bryan Kearney now, and probably the others too :)

        • I fully appreciate where you’re coming from. Perhaps given how deep into the scene I am, I’m not looking at it from a view of someone who isn’t as obsessed as I am haha.

          I hope my suggestions in the list are of some use to you. Feel free to ask me about any others! There’s so much happening right now I could probably write about 100 suggestions!

          • Really? That’s fantastic!!! I’ve been listening to Trance extensively for 4 days, trying to select the best ones. My knowledge of classics is still far beyond the new ones, maybe I’ll discuss about that with you :)

  2. I think you should include Tangle & Mateusz in your artists to look out for! They have been signed with High COntrast/NuBreed and Lange Recordings in just the past three months! :)

    • Thanks for the comment Kimberly. As I said in the article, there’s so many other artists to look out for that I simply couldn’t mention them all! The trance scene is definitely on the up again.

      I may do a “Part 2” in the coming weeks and feature a few more artists.

  3. I made a set yesterday, and ended it with a Bryan Kearney’s track that was lost here among lots more, but it’s a great one, and guess who I remembered when I read “Bryan Kearney” LOL

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